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Fun, carefully selected!
We will continue to deliver a luxurious lineup from the latest works to timeless masterpieces!
In addition to the Shueisha youth magazine ``Weekly Young Jump'', ``Yanjan!'' has the latest serials such as ``Yanjan! Original'', ``Grand Jump'', ``My Neighbor Young
Jump'', ``Isekai Yangjan'', ``Ultra Jump'', and ``Dash X Comics''. The official manga app where you can enjoy a variety of works on a daily basis, from works to media works
and completed works!
You can enjoy your favorite stories at any time according to your preference, such as renting one episode at a time or purchasing comics and reading them all at once.
Furthermore, if you subscribe to the subscription service "BLUE Membership", you will get unlimited reading of each issue of "Weekly Young Jump" at a better price than
anywhere else, and exclusive benefits such as "Young Jump!" will be even more premium!
[Characteristics of “Yanjan!”]
◆Purchase comics and read them all at once!
By purchasing comics, you can read your favorite works over and over again.
◆You can rent ``Episode 1'' at a time and read it quickly!
All works are available for rental in “1 episode” units.
I only want to read stories that interest me! Even in such cases, you can easily enjoy it in your free time.
◆ Lots of benefits with “Yanjan! BLUE Membership”!
"Weekly Young Jump", which normally costs 1,600 yen per month, can be read as much as you want for 980 yen per month!
You can enjoy "Yanjan!" to the fullest, including other limited benefits.
*Based on digital version price as of November 2023
◆The latest episode serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” will be delivered as soon as possible on the release date!
You can quickly check the latest episodes of your favorite serials such as "Kingdom" and "[Oshinoko]"!
◆Many episodes are distributed for free every day!
If you use the "Free Ticket", you can read one chapter every day for free!
*Some content, such as the latest episode of "Weekly Young Jump", will be distributed for a fee.
[Weekly Young Jump serialized works]
iron familia
Would you like to share a seat?
Uma Musume Cinderella Gray
The youngest student at the Royal Academy of Magic ~The strongest magician from a poor neighborhood, unrivaled in a school full of aristocrats~
Gaslight Stray Dog Detectives
100 girlfriends who love you very much
Kowloon generic romance
Tokyo Tower will never be visible from this room.
shadow house
junket bank
boy's abyss
For women only.
actress meal
new good job
There is no true peace in this world -Shin Kamen Rider SHOCKER SIDE-
snack bus jiang
safe sex
Diamond's merits and demerits
Terra Formars
dog thread
I don't know anything, but I love you.
Noa-senpai is a friend.
normal girl
Happy Marionette
Billion Racer
Marukun ~Working Maltese~
4th Army-kun (tentative)
love agency
[Yangjan! Original work]
Boundary end feel
golden egg
last defect
SIX-Oshi and my distance-
Purge Antidote
Future Musco ~ My son came to me for 10 years without a lover!
[Distributed works] (partial)
I like this kind of thing
I'm a reincarnated goblin, do you have any questions?
Hey, do you want to hang out some more? I started having a camouflage boyfriend at the request of a beautiful girl from my childhood.
seeds of eros
draft king
I'll do it right in the next life
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Daily life at Tadano Technical High School
lie eater
Kaguya-sama Wants to Confess ~Love Brain Battle of Geniuses~
splendid dining table
Kyoshiro 2030
golden kamuy
samurai soldier
captain tsubasa series
Salaryman Kintaro series
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series
[“Yanjan!” is recommended for these people]
◆For those who want to enjoy manga in their free time!
・I want to read "Weekly Young Jump" on the official manga app
・I want to read the latest episode of "Weekly Young Jump" as soon as possible
・I sometimes forget to buy something on the release date, so I want to read it on the manga app “Yanjan!”
・I want to read famous manga books that have been made into movies and dramas on my smartphone like web comics.
・I want to quickly view one episode at a time
・As the number of paper manga books has increased, I would like to read the latest stories in electronic comics from now on.
・I want to read the stories and past stories published in the new Weekly Young Jump comics all at once using a manga app.
・I want to easily enjoy Young Jump's works and original works on "Yanjan!" even when I'm on the move.
・I want a popular manga app that has many popular comics.
◆For those who want to enjoy manga of various genres!
・I want to read manga with action elements among boys' comics and youth comics.
・I want to read popular Yankee comics and delinquent comics
・I want to enjoy powerful battle manga and exciting sports manga
・I want to enjoy manga for adults that depict the underground underworld.
・I want to enjoy manga that gives me a sense of historical romance.
・I'm looking for a manga app that allows me to read comedy manga and romantic comedy manga.
・I want an app with a lot of youth comics
・I like girls' manga and women's manga with school stories and youth stories, but I also like hot youth manga.
・I want to use a comic app that covers a wide range of genres, including anime manga and gourmet manga, rather than a manga app for women that is limited to girls' manga and
romance comics.
・I'm looking for a serialized manga with a solid story even among manga with scary depictions.
・I want to read gag manga, but I can't finish reading them quickly with a 4-panel comic app, so I'm looking for a manga app that allows me to read each episode one by
・I used to read scary stories on scary manga apps, but next time I want to read funny manga that will make you laugh, exciting battle manga, or stories that will make you
・Among the original works published in Tonari no Young Jump, I want to read heartwarming everyday comedies on a manga app.
・I want to read animated manga, so I want to use a rich variety of interesting manga apps
・I want to read horror manga and mystery manga using a manga app for adults.
◆If you want to read popular works for free every day!
・I want a free manga app that has not only paid manga but also completely free manga.
・I want to read thrilling horror manga and suspense manga with a free manga app
・I want to read one chapter at a time using a manga app that can be read for free.
・I want to save up gold and enjoy various comics one episode at a time.
・Since there were many manga that I had already read on the free unlimited manga reading app, I would like to use an app that allows me to read popular manga such as the one
published in "My Neighbor Young Jump".
・I want to enjoy everything from boys' manga to adult manga using a popular manga app that has many completely free works.
・I want to use a free comic app with completely free manga like web comics.
・All volumes of manga are free (all episodes are free) I don't need an all-you-can-read manga app, so I want to use a free manga app where I can enjoy a variety of
completely free works.
[About “Yanjan! BLUE Membership”]
◆Yangjan! BLUE membership
"Yanjan! BLUE Membership" is a subscription service that allows you to enjoy "Yanjan!" to the fullest for 980 yen (tax included) per month.
When you join, you will receive the following benefits:
・Subscription to “Weekly Young Jump”
・Gold with expiration date
・Hide advertisements in Story Rental Viewer
・Granting limited benefits
・Contract period: 1 month from the billing date
・Magazine for subscription: “Young Jump” published within the subscription period
・Target magazine at the start of subscription: Latest issue of "Young Jump" at the time of billing
・Purchase amount: 980 yen
◆About cancellation of regular subscription
・You can stop automatic billing from the next time onwards by canceling the automatic billing registration for "BLUE Membership" in your Google account at least 24 hours
before the expiration of the current subscription period. Please note that there is no stop function within this app.
・Currently registered "BLUE membership" cannot be stopped during the expiration date and will continue until the expiration date.
・If there is a problem with the customer's payment method when renewing the "BLUE Membership" (automatic billing), or if the automatic payment is not performed due to a
system problem on Google's side, the "BLUE Membership" ” will be canceled/suspended by Google.
If your "BLUE membership" has expired, check your payment method (credit card limit/expiration date, Google Play balance, etc.) and try again within this app. Please
register for "BLUE membership".
The day you register for "BLUE Membership" again will be the new starting date.
*"BLUE Membership" will be automatically renewed and charged for each contract period until the customer cancels it on Google Play.
・You can view the latest issue of "Weekly Young Jump" at the time of membership, as well as "Weekly Young Jump" distributed within the expiration date.
・"Weekly Young Jump" will be distributed from midnight on the release date.
・"Weekly Young Jump" that can be viewed with "BLUE membership" will no longer be readable after the expiration date, including issues distributed in the past. Please be
careful when canceling your membership.
・If you subscribe to BLUE membership again, you will be able to re-read the Weekly Young Jump that was distributed during your past contract period.

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