Split Money - Expense Manager 4.0.8 [free]


SplitMoney is your ultimate companion for managing expenses, both personal and group expenses.Whether you're using it as a personal finance manager or an IOU tracker,
SplitMoney makes it simple and easy. With SplitMoney, you can easily divide expenses for any occasion, such as splitting rent or splitting bills with roommates, splitting
expenses for group trips, or even saving up for a special event. Say goodbye to the stress of managing expenses and hello to a hassle-free experience with SplitMoney.
SplitMoney offers cutting-edge features for handling shared expenses:
★ Advanced expense categorisation for easy budgeting and tracking.
★ Accurate calculation of personal and group totals for efficient expense
★ Flexible data export options, including PDF and CSV formats.
★ Ability to split expenses equally or unequally among group members.
★ Real-time push notifications to stay informed of any changes.
★ Detailed transaction history for thorough expense tracking.
★ 24/7 customer support for assistance at any time.
★ Mobile-friendly design for tracking expenses on-the-go.
★ Support for over 120 global currencies.
★ User-friendly interface with visually appealing charts and graphs.
★ Advance expense analysis, budget tracking, recurring expenses, and more.
And many, many more!
To simplify the process for you, we'll present two examples of how to use our service:
Tanusha, an Indian MBA student studying in France, faces a daunting challenge in managing her expenses - from food and rent, to travel and insurance, as well as sending money
back home and other miscellaneous costs. Keeping track of her spending and budgeting effectively can be overwhelming. However, with SplitMoney, managing expenses becomes a
breeze. SplitMoney is a versatile expense tracking app that allows Tanusha to easily list and categorise all her expenses, giving her the tools to make informed financial
decisions and stay on top of her budget.
Pooja, Rohini, and Nisha are flatmates sharing a home in Kolkata, India. In the beginning, their shared living arrangements were fraught with tension over bill splitting. That
was until Rohini introduced the use of SplitMoney, a user-friendly expense tracking app. With SplitMoney, Pooja and her flatmates were able to easily and accurately divide
expenses, eliminating the conflict and enabling them to maintain both their finances and their friendship.
SplitMoney simplifies the process of dividing expenses with friends, associates, and even romantic partners. Whether it's an office lunch, a trip, or a night out, SplitMoney
makes it easy to track and split bills in a clear and organised way. It saves you time and energy by eliminating the need to sift through numerous transactions. Think of it as
your personal financial assistant, always available to help you stay on top of even the smallest expenses.

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