Pitch Studio 3.6.2 [free]


Pitch is an amazing new app where artists teach you their songs. This has never been done before: You and the artist. One on one. Talking about music, learning a song, playing
music games. Come try a song!
Why is this a big deal?
Yes, you can listen to music. And yes, you can go to a concert twice a year and watch from a mile away. But how about one on one with the musician? Every day? No limit? At home,
in your car, with your friends?
We came across this funny research: People who sing develop strong memories, stand straight, and get along better with friends and family. This makes them feel good and think
fast, so they do better at school and at work. So they get paid more. Which makes them self-confident. And, you know, self-confident people are attractive… you know where this
story is going…
Bottom line: you will enjoy life more using Pitch.
*Learn from the artist
*See your score
*Play music games
*Hear your voice mixed with the original track
*Singing increases feel-good chemicals like dopamine
*It also decreases chemicals that cause stress
*Learning a song increases self-confidence
(we’re serious)
*Learning song lyrics improves memory
*It raises overall cognitive performance
*People who sing regularly are proven to be better at their jobs

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