Master Password 1.14.0 [free]


Master Password is a utility that makes you forget all your worries about passwords.
It simply generates a password for each site from your unique secure master password and your name. This generated password will never be saved and therefore cannot be stolen.
Additionally it can always be generated again without the need to backup the app's data.
Your secure master password never leaves your device but stays only in your brain. This keeps your other sites safe when another site was hacked again. Your other passwords stay
safe and you just have to generate a new one for this very site.
Try it now and make your mind free for the important things in life.
The concept was already featured and described in the german print magazine ct. (
The Master Password algorithm was made up by Maarten Billemont and is documented on his website This Android App is an unofficial implementation of
his algorithm. I am in no way affiliated with aforementioned website. You can find compatible implementations for other platforms on this site, too.
The source code of Master Password for Android is readable on my webpage.
- Why are there different versions of the algorithm and which one should I use?
Bugfixes in the algorithm can result in different passwords being generated than before. To not have to change every password after such an update each password now has its own
algorithm version. When adding new sites always the newest algorithm should be used.
- Are my passwords with older algorithms unsafe?
No. The bugfixes are essentially for compatibility with the different implemenations of the algorithm on different platforms (iOs, Android, Java, Javascript,...)
- My Passwords are different with 1.5, no matter what algorithm I choose.
Please export your sites and reinstall the app. After that import your sites. The problem should be solved after that. We are working on a solution without reinstallation.
The storage permissions are used for import and export.
Upcoming features:
- Pushbullet support
- Dark Theme
- Saving of passwords not generated with the app

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