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In our Akcniletak.cz application you will find all current catalogs of small and large retail chains in the Czech Republic, not only supermarkets and building materials, but
also shops with electronics, fashion, toys, computers, pharmacies and many others. We have even included most of the local stores. If you want to choose one of the stores as a
favorite, you can do so simply by clicking on the heart. This way, you will always be the first to learn about all the events that are going on in your favorite stores, and you
will create a practical collection of all your favorite catalogs.
Are you looking for a special offer for a specific product or product? You can quickly find them by selecting in the menu of our application. You will get an overview of where
you will find the goods in the catalog, at what price and for how long the offer is still valid. Usually you select an item from the catalog with a single click, after which you
can easily order it in the online store. Of course, you can also save special offers using the save function at the bottom of the browser. You can then quickly find them back
later or compare them with other special offers.
Why choose Akcniletak.cz?
- The largest offer of catalogs in the Czech Republic, which contains all catalogs!
- CATALOG application for mobile phone or tablet
- Always the latest catalogs that are available first online
- National and regional catalogs
- Possibility to select new catalogs, favorite catalogs, catalog tips or catalogs with almost expired validity
- Browse catalogs by categories or stores or select a topic
- All your favorite catalogs together in a clear format
- Also browse magazines, brochures, catalogs or lookbooks
- Save your promotions and create your own shopping list
- Access to addresses of available stores in your area that are currently open.
Favorite stores:
1 Kaufland Leaflets, discounts and promotions
2 Lidl Leaflets, discounts and promotions
3 Albert Leaflets, discounts and catalogs
4 Coop Flyers, Discounts and Promotions
5 Billa Flyers, Discounts and Catalogs
6 Penny Market Flyers, Discounts and Catalogs
7 Datart Leaflets, discounts and promotions
8 Pepco Leaflets, discounts and promotions
9 Baumax Leaflets, discounts and promotions
10 Rossmann Leaflets, discounts and catalogs
- Black Friday: Many Czech stores advertise important events and offers for Black Friday in their leaflets, which were issued especially for this special day. H&M,
Alza, CZC, all these stores publish their own Black Friday leaflets full of the most sensational advantageous offers and discounts.
- Halloween: We have gathered all the Halloween flyers for you in one, so that you have a clear overview of all the shops that are on the market during the Halloween
event. Halloween specials, discounts and promotions at your favorite stores are just a few clicks away.
- Christmas: In our Christmas category you will find a practical overview of all Christmas offers in your favorite stores. Many stores publish a unique Christmas flyer or
catalog full of Christmas news so you can tune in to the Christmas atmosphere as soon as you can!
Because we are independent, we can offer you all catalogs, both national and local, without any restrictions. Our motivated team is online daily to be the first to place the
latest catalogs for you. And because we don't distribute any paper catalogs, we're also more environmentally friendly! This means an advantage for the environment and an
advantage for you.
Will you help us improve? Send us your comments, tips and questions to the address: [email protected]. Of course, we will also be very pleased with your reviews.
The Akcniletak.cz application is brought to you by Akcniletak.cz; the most comprehensive catalog website in the Czech Republic since 2021. With all catalogs, promotions,
discounts and special offers from A to Z and lots of benefits and discounts for you.

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